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The 10 Best Football Cleats Available Now

Summer training is around the corner and your cleats from last year are looking pretty burnt out. If you're looking to stick with what you know, click through to catch up on...

Best astro turf boots to help you play

Best Astro Turf football boots is what you need wear for optimal performance NOT all football boots are made equal and arguably one area where any old shoe won’t do is on the astroturf.

Protect your site free with Encrypt SSL certificates

Protect your site for free with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and acmetool . Acme Motor Car Company (Modern Motor Cars, Volume 5) , via Wikimedia Commons

4 football players who have never received a red card

Raul - legend Discipline has always played an important role. Be it on the football pitch, or off it, football is considered one of the most passionate games in the world, and in the midst of it being an extremely...
Zach Zarembinski,

Hill-Murray football player with brain injury released from hospital

A football accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury changed a young man's life back on Oct. 28. Zach Zarembinski, who played for Hill-Murray, suffered a brain bleed and was rushed from a football game to the hospital. Zarembinski was...

Playing High School Football Can Cause Microstructural Changes in Gray Matter, MRI Study Reveals

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans have revealed that playing a single season of high school football can cause significant microscopic changes in cortical and deep gray matter. MRI study reveals that repeated blows to the head cause microscopic changes...

Top Ten heaviest footballer in England

 Heaviest footballers are footballers are found in various league in the world. Football is a game of skills and tactics. Speed and power are also very important for a footballer. For Instance Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was a...

10 best affiliate programs for sports publishers

As a blogger in the sports niche, you have no shortage of options when it comes to monetizing your blog. Whether you’re advertising sports apparel, merchandise, or even equipment, there are many affiliate networks and programs you can join...