4 top things to know about football couples and what attracts women to them

August 29, 2018 Off By Oha
  • 4 top things to know about football couples and what attracts them

Football is a beautiful game,as it’s called in this part of the world and soccer for American fans. The glamour,intrigue,suspense and the passions it brings for the winning fans.

Footballer with costly car
  Let’s consider those main things that attracts women to football players
Illiterate can play football

Football is not a job you need high school grade to attract high salary or wages. As far as you can play good football either as a defender,striker,midfielder or goalkeeper. It can make any country to adopt you as their citizen as far as  you play good football and ready to play for your adopted country.
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        They have time for their lady
A football players have enough time for their ladies. According to former super eagles player,Ifeanyi Udeze, footballers have 2-3 hours train in the morning and go back to his house to pet his lady. He only play serious match on weekends and sometimes in mid week.
   They get the money
You know women loves money so much. This is the major attraction. Whether you are included in weekend match or as a substitute or even not listed you are assured of alert in the weekend. Footballers don’t have excuse to deny their lady her daily needs. Do you know that an average Footballer take home as much as £50k- £500k a week. No low grade worker take home that kind of money home.
  They drives costly vehicles

Because they have wages security, footballers buys costly machines which attracts ladies to them. You know ladies loves cruising with expensive cars. Ifeanyi Udeze while describing life of an average Footballer, he said that other players are moved to buy expensive cars when they see their team coming to training with beautiful and expensive car.