3 Things the Philadelphia Eagles taught us during Week 7 loss

October 26, 2021 Off By Oha

Fletcher Cox ,Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox

As disappointing as the Eagles’ performance was in Week 7, the postgame press conferences were worse. Fletcher Cox was among several Birds that met with the media following yet another stinker, and much of what he said both showed us his frustration and taught us that he needs to have a serious conversation about his job description.

Not only did Cox say that it isn’t his job to defend screen passes, but he also stated that he doesn’t feel as though he’s supposed to make suggestions to his coaches about what he believes the team should be doing.

There are two serious issues with both of those statements. Fletcher Cox is the highest-paid player on this Philadelphia Eagles roster. It’s absolutely his job to defend screen passes. It’s his job to do whatever is necessary to stop the other team from moving the ball.

Cox is one of the captains of this football team. He should absolutely speak up when necessary. That’s the job of a leader. If he doesn’t know that, the letter C on his chest needs to be removed and placed on the chest of someone else.

Fletcher Cox says his job is to play in the backfield and get sacks. Well, Mr. Cox, you aren’t doing that either. He has one sack on the season and one tackle that has resulted in a loss of yardage. Now, there’s seemingly another issue. His attitude could do damage to some of the younger guys on this roster. Think about guys like Josh Sweat