Cristiano Ronaldo is 32 but he doesn’t sustain often.
As much as I like Messi I appreciate how Ronaldo is able to avoid injuries even now when he is 32.
There are a few reasons he doesn’t have so much injury.
1.He is in great shape.

Ok let us agree. Cristiano has almost the perfect body. He is extremely lean putting the scales at less than 10%BF. His lack of excess weight put less pressure on his joints which do not get damaged that easily.
2.He works out specifically to avoid injuries. Even the thought of Cristiano being the only player to work out at his home is funny,but he is the only one to post it on social media,you should check it up. It is not a secret that usually after a practice in the Real base he goes at home and does exercise but most of all stationary bike which helps his hip flexors stay strong and lets his muscle wind down after the day’s work.
3.He sleeps 8 hours a day. A factor widely underestimated is sleep and its easing effect on muscles which repair during hibernation.
Written by  van Neychev