3 great Arsenal flop players that switched to Manchester city and became flop


These are 3  arsenal flop players that switch to Manchester city


Arsenal and became flop despite being best player in   arsenal team.Manchester city always have interest in signing Arsenal players almost every  transfer window.  

There has been a rumours going about that Pep Guardiola  is interesting of signing Alexis Sanchez. Sanchez have worked with Pep Guardiola at Camp Nu.
Many arsenal players  do perform excellently
well on Arsenal Jersey but failed to replicate it outside arsenal club. 

The question is,can Alexis Sanchez perform at Manchester city. Or will he follow the steps of arsenal players that moved to Manchester city.

Let us look at those flop players.

Kolo Toure

Kolo Toure was a one of the best defender at arsenal. This prompt  then Manchester city manager to sign him. But kolo under performed in Etihad stadium. 

Kolo Toure tenure at Manchester city was marred with drug duping.  Toure was banned for months .

Emmanuel Adebayo

Emmanuel Adebayo was the highest goalscorers at

Arsenal and English premier league for that moment.
But Adebayo failed to replicate the goal scoring power on Manchester city’s jerseys. Jose Mourinho tried to revive Adebayo that he loaned to him to real Madrid with chance of signing him permanently. But Adebayo failed to live up to expectation.

Bacary Sagna

Sagna is the last player Manchester city bought from Arsenal. Sagna was commanding first team Jersey on his number 2 position. The French international player is finding it difficult to start at Manchester city.

Samir NasirSamir

Samir nasr

Nasir is another fantastic player with great dribbling skills. But he went to Manchester city and became substitute player. He is since left Etihad stadium to Spanish club where is not featured regularly.Many players from Arsenal has shared that similar fate when they left arsenal.

Players like Alex song who was in his best in arsenal went to Barcelona to became bench warmer, Francesc Fabregas shared the similar problem,Alexanda Hlebb regret leaving Arsenal for Barcelona and even Belgian defender, Thomas Vermaelen just to mention but few. You can mention more, If you know any other player that was doing fine at

Arsenal only to go another club to a become flop.
One need to know why it’s so.
The reason will help Arsenal players in future who may like to move to another club. You know we read history to learn from others mistake.

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