10 richest Nigeria footballers in Nigeria 2021

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Nigeria boasts of some millionaire football players and all of them don’t hesitate in showing off their million dollar assets. Let’s explore top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria and their cars!

Football is no longer a sport for people with no future ambition. Nowadays, lots of sponsors, businessmen, and lovers of the game pumps millions of dollars into it for profit or simply for their personal satisfaction. This has elevated the status of footballers from uneducated people to some of the most celebrated humans on earth. The game has now become one with 22 billionaires running after a ball.

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Nigeria boasts some of the richest football players in Africa and all of them do not hesitate in showing off their million-dollar assets. Today let’s explore top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria and their cars.

10 richest footballers in Nigeria 2020

Below are the richest Nigerian footballer updated 2020 by net worth, which helps you find out the answer for your question who is the richest footballer in Nigeria!

10 richest footballers Nigeria Team (Updated in May, 2020)  
RankNameNetworth in USDNet worth in Naira
#1 John Mikel Obi$59 million₦23 billion
#2 Obafemi Martins$35.8 million₦14 billion
#3 Odion Ighalo$30.7 million₦12 billion
#4 Vincent Enyeama$25.5 million₦10 billion
#5 Victor Moses$18.7 million₦7.3 billion
#6 Ahmed Musa$16.6 million₦6.5 billion
#7 Emmanuel Emenike$16.3 million₦6.4 billion
#8 Victor Anichebe$15.3 million₦6 billion
#9 Kelechi Iheanacho$3.5 million₦1.4 billion
#10 Alex Iwobi$3.3 million₦1.3 billion

Now check out more details about their million dollars asset and what kind of cars they drive:

10 richest Nigerian footballers and their cars

#10. Alex Iwobi – net worth of ₦1.3 billion

The Everton FC midfielder is also Jay Jay Okocha’s cousin and lives in London with his sister and parents. He earns over 3.2 million naira a week. 

Alex Iwobi drives a Mercedes-Benz Convertible (~₦25 million), a BMW 7 series, and a Range Rover. He is rumored to have bought matching gold-colored Benz G Wagon and Lamborghini for him and his ex at ₦71 million! You can view all of Alex’s cars and other flashy cars of Arsenal footballers here.

Alex Iwobi and his Benz

Alex Iwobi and his Benz

#9. Kelechi Iheanacho – net worth of ₦1.4 billion

There was a popular advertisement on TV in 2018 where Kelechi Iheanacho said he couldn’t afford to pay for cable TV subscription but now the whole world can now watch him on cable TV. That advert alone earned him millions of dollars. Adores that, he earns a stunning 4.8 million naira a week playing as a striker for Leicester City FC. He is really young and has a lot of years ahead.

The Imo state star drives a Rolls Royce, BMW i8 worth ₦12 million, a Mercedes C300 worth ₦18 million, and a Range Rover too. Though ranking just #9 in the list of 10 richest Nigerian footballers, Kelechi is the only footballer in the club of Nigerian cebebrities who owns the expensive Roll Royce. You can view Kelechi Iheanacho’s whole car collection here.

Kelechi Iheanacho and his Roll Royce

Kelechi Iheanacho’s crib and Roll Royce

#8. Victor Anichebe – net worth of ₦6 billion

Victor Anichebe started as one of the finest strikers for everyone in England. He rose the ranks and went on to play in Asia and other parts of Europe. He once dated one of the Otedola daughters – DJ Cuppy. She lavished him with gifts and cars. Unfortunately, he had an injury that ruled him out of the field for months and now is a free agent after spending a year playing for Beijing Enterprises.

He drives a white Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth ₦42 million!


Anichebe in his G-Wagon

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#7. Emmanuel Emenike – net worth of ₦6.4 billion

Everyone who watched the Super Eagles soar high in the 2013 African Nations Cup will never forget Emmanuel Emenike. The star striker was pivotal to the team’s wins. He has played for a number of clubs and garnered monies along the way. He is currently seeking a transfer to the English Premier League after ended his contract with Weserlo in 2019. The footballer has some endorsements, a music record label, and a hotel in Nigeria. His mansion in Imo state was talk of the town in 2018 with an overhead bridge on the premises.

He drives a customized Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth ₦45 million, and a Range Rover Sport.


Emenike in his Mercedes G-Wagon


The famous Emenike house

#6. Ahmed Musa – net worth of ₦6.5 billion

Currently the best Nigerian striker, Ahmed Musa plies his playing trade in Al-Nassr, Saudi Arabia. He was signed from Leicester city FC for about 8 billion naira and went on to score on his debut for the Saudi club. His welcome video also has the highest number of views for any player in the club.

He owns a filling station in Kano state and drives a BMW i8, a ₦15 million Range Rover Sport, and a Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth ₦42 million. You can see Ahmed Musa’s whole car collection here!


Ahmed Musa and his cars


The Ahmed Musa massive crib in Kano

#5. Victor Moses – net worth of ₦7.3 billion

Coming 5th on our list of top ten richest footballers in Nigeria is a Chelsea FC player, Victor Moses. The Nigerian attacking midfielder was a key player in Antonio Conte’s team and was only relegated to the bench in the new management. But that hasn’t stopped him from earning his 4.7 million naira weekly wage and now he is being loaned to Inter Milan. He still plays for the Nigerian Super Eagles senior team.

Victor Moses drives some of the best cars you can ever imagine like a ₦22 million Audi A8, ₦15 million Range Rover Sport, a Maserati and Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth ₦42 million. You can view Victor Moses’ whole car collection here.


Victor Moses and his cars

#4. Vincent Enyeama – net worth of ₦10 billion

The most capped Nigerian player ever and the oldest Nigerian player in top-flight football is Vincent Enyeama. The goalie was once the captain of the Nigerian senior national team – until 2015 when he had a falling out with the then Nigerian coach. He is married with kids and known for scoring penalties in his early playing days in Israel. Joining the top 5 richest footballers in Nigeria is not bad for the legend, though.

He drives a Range Rover Evoque and Mercedes-Benz C Class coupé worth ₦25 million.


Vincent Enyeama and his cars


Vincent Enyeama at his crib

#3. Odion Ighalo – net worth of ₦12 billion

When Odion Ighalo started making a name in the football scene with Watford FC of England, little did anyone know he was already in the richest Nigerian footballers list? He later went on to sign for top-flight Chinese football club, Chang Chan yatai, for 20 million pounds – about 9 billion naira. That didn’t only make him one of the most expensive Nigerian players but also the highest-paid currently. The deal with the club comes with a whopping 4.8 billion naira annually. And now the Nigerian joins Man Utd players’ cars gang.

Odion Ighalo’s massive income has made him a bit extravagant as he doesn’t hesitate to splash the monies on luxury cars like the ₦15 million Range Rover Sport, ₦32 million Mercedes Benz G Wagon.


Odion Ighalo at his residence


Inside one of his automobiles

#2. Obafemi Martins – net worth of ₦14 billion

Popularly known as Obagoal, Obafemi Martins was once Nigeria’s fastest player and a goal-scoring menace to opponents. He began his football career with AC Milan where he scored countless goals and later moved to England. He currently doesn’t play for the Nigerian Super Eagles anymore, but still plies his trade in China with the first league side, Shanghai Shenhua. He is married with kids and earns over 2.4 billion naira every year with the Chinese club. He also makes money from endorsements and businesses in Nigeria, which tops up Obafemi Martins’ net worth.

Obagoal drives a ₦65 million Ferrari Lusso, a BMW X6, a Porsche Gemballa, Mercedes Benz Mclaren, and a ₦115 million Lamborghini Gallardo.



Obafemi Martins, his mansion and cars


Obafemi Martins with his Benz

#1. John Mikel Obi – net worth of ₦23 billion- the official richest footballer in Nigeria 2020

John Obi Mikel is the richest footballer in Nigeria (2020). He has been the Super Eagles captain since Vincent Enyeama retired from international football years ago. Before then he was earning about a billion naira annually playing for the Chelsea football club in England. He later moved to Tianjin Teda, a Chinese club which offered him over twice his Chelsea take-home pay and now is a part of Trabzonspor playing in the Turkish Süper Lig. Currently earning over 23 billion naira a year, John Mikel Obi is the richest footballers in Nigeria till date.

The 32-year-old midfielder is engaged to the daughter of a Russian oil magnate, Olga, and drives a ₦45 million Mercedes Benz G-class, a ₦75 million Bentley Continental GT and the latest Range Rover Sport. (Check out John Obi Mikel car collection!)


John Mikel Obi and his baby-mama


John Obi-Mikel and his Bentley

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