10 best affiliate programs for sports publishers

July 30, 2017 Off By Oha
As a blogger in the sports niche, you have no shortage of options when it comes to monetizing your blog. Whether you’re advertising sports apparel, merchandise, or even equipment, there are many affiliate networks and programs you can join to make the most dollars and provide the most value with your website.
In this following post, we’ll be looking at five affiliate programs and networks you can begin using to advertise with on your website. Rather than individually hand-selecting the biggest sport stores, we decided to compile some of the biggest online networks you can use to find the most popular online product and stores.
ShareASale and FlexOffers are two examples that allow you to join their affiliate program and individually promote selections from big brand-name stores. Without further or due, here are our top 5 affiliate programs for those looking to promote sports apparel, merchandise, and equipment. We’ll also be looking at the best affiliate programs for weight loss and sports betting in a future post, so stay tuned for that!
This awesome online fitness e-commerce store offers gym equipment, merchandise, and apparel in practically every sport you can think of.
The site’s categories are split into water, fit, sports, land, snow, fight, and play, and offers a wonderful user experience for individuals on the site with 24/7 live chat available.
The Live Well Sports affiliate program offers a 5% commission per sale with a 30-day cookie for visitors. Average 7-day and 30-day commissions is $36.70 and $20.90 per customer.
The website further offers free shipping on orders over $75 and a 30 day return policy.
One aspect that really stands out about Fans Edge as an e-commerce store has to be its 365-day return policy! If you’re looking to sell more sports apparel on your website, Fans Edge offers an easy and convenient way of doing that.
With Fans Edge, customers will be able to browse through apparel by major league sports and players like the NFL or by throwback teams and retired players like Allen Iverson and Ray Lewis.
In terms of its affiliate program, Fans Edgeoffers a hefty 10% commission on each sale with a tracking cookie that lasts up to 7 days. This affiliate program has been running now since 2013.
If you’re site really focuses on selling sports merchandise & apparel, than Champions On Display is an excellent program to consider. Upon visiting their home page, you’ll find that sports merchandise going for sale is the very first thing you see. From decals to apparel to key-chains and more, there is no limit to what’s being sold on this site.
If you’re visitors love to browse, and I’m sure they do, they may be happy to have found a site like this. It offers a unique way of shopping most other sites don’t have and in a way is reminiscent of shopping on some kind of social platform.
Champions On Display further allows you to quickly add a homepage product to your cart or simply favorite it and save it for later by clicking on the heart button. Champions On Display offers 10% per sale and a 60 day tracking cookie.
At number four, we have an affiliate program called onlinesports.com. This highly reputable and established website has been running since 1995. With over 100,000 products in sports equipment, apparel, gifts, and more, Online Sports offers a great selection of products to promote on your sports website or blog.
There is no limitation to the kind of sports equipment and apparel they offer. With onlinesports.com, you can expect to find physical items on practically any sport you can imagine. These include track and field, fitness, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and any other sport you can think of.
Commission percentages using Online Sports are quite high, ranging from 10% to 14% per sale with each order usually averaging over $125 per order. Cookies can also last up to 60 days. This particular program can be joined through third party affiliate networks like ShareASale and Commission Junction.
Fan Chest is one of the most unique sports affiliate programs I was able to find, offering awesome sport gift packages people can buy. If you have a large audience, full of sport enthusiasts and fanatics, then they are sure to love some of the unique products being offered by Fan Chest.
This can also be a great option if your site tailors to a specific team or sport. Fan Chest products cater to some of the most well-known major league teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. The site has further been featured on big news site like Sports Illustrated, CNBC, Forbes, Inc., InStyle, and SportsCenter.
Unfortunately, the site does not yet offer gifts for every team, but that is something the site and service is constantly working on. If you’re looking for an awesome and unique way to surprise your lovely traffic and visitors, try Fan Chest. They offer $10 per sale and a 14-day tracking cookie.
For true sports enthusiasts, Steiner Sports is a great program to join. Based out of New Rochelle, New York, this particular website offers plenty of vintage items and memorabilia in major league sports like baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.
They even offer weekly premium auctions on autographed items like jerseys, baseballs, posters, shoes, and so much more; something we all know your blog fans will love. The Steiner Sports affiliate program is a great program to join because it offers items of value and interest to huge sports fans and fanatics.
It’s a bit like Ebay in a sense with the kind of products being sold, but the site is plenty of fun, especially for the sports fan who loves growing their autographed collections.
Steiner Sports Affiliate Program is one of the fastest growing sports programs being offered on ShareASale to date. They offer a gracious 13% commission per sale with a cookie that lasts up to 60 days!
Fanatics.com is an awesome place to go online shopping for sports apparel in many of today’s most competitive and professional sports. Professional sports league apparel include the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Nascar, and Olympics.
But the sports apparel doesn’t stop there. They also offer items and apparel in golf, lacross, UFC fighting, and more. It’s a huge site to say the least and very popular among many of today’s sport enthusiasts.
If you’re looking to spruce your site up with all kinds recommended apparel, then Fanatics is a good source of inspiration and a great way to earn some money with your blog. Their affiliate program offers 10% commissions per sale, a 7-day tracking cookie, and over 250,000 items in their product selection.
What better affiliate program for you to join than the one made by the National Football League? Yes, they too have an affiliate program and there’s possibly no better way than to promote and advertise those lovely looking jerseys on your sports site.
If your site has a heavy focus on apparel, then NFLshop.com offers the perfect affiliate program for you and your website. They offer 6% in commissions, a tracking cookie that lasts up to 7 days, and an updated datafeed of up to 75,000 products being offered daily.
When all else fails, why not join one of today’s largest affiliate programs and e-commerce sites in the world? The giant eBay is a perfect way to get your feet wet in promoting some of today’s most popular and used products.
While acceptance into the affiliate program might be a bit harder than the average, it’s a great fit for some of today’s more established sport blog and websites. On eBay, you can practically find any sports apparel, equipment, or merchandise to promote.
eBay offers one of today’s most lucrative affiliate marketing programs with commission rates ranging from 40% to 80% on products and 200% referral bonuses for new and repeat buyers.
In total, eBay has over 800 million products you can promote at any given time. Of course, only a fraction of that will be sports merchandise, but we’re still talking millions of products here that you could potentially promote using eBay’s Parter Network.
Despite Amazon’s lower commission rates, they have one of today’s most lucrative affiliate programs you can join. This is due to higher than average conversion rates and the mere fact they are today’s largest e-commerce store in the world.
This results in higher user engagement and trust with the website, therefore making your visitors more likely to order and ship from a company they’ve come to know and love. Offering products from a more established, trustworthy, and reputable source like Amazon can be good not only for earnings, but for your sports site as a whole.
Most products on Amazon tend to be trusted and the fact Prime members are eligible for both free and overnight shipping makes Amazon services a top-notch and high-quality service. If the sports & fitness products offered by Amazon seem to go will with your website and your niche, then it’s a definitely a great option. Amazon Associates  offers anywhere between 4% and 10% commission rates w
Which affiliate program do you intend on going with for your website and blog? Please let us know in the comments below. Hope you liked this list and that at-least one or two of these programs will fit in with the goals of your blog. Thanks!